A woman on Reddit is annoyed that she always has to share a room on vacation because she is single.

"I am going on vacation with five of my friends. We want to rent a whole house together. Four of them are in a relationship, so they will have two rooms as a couple. So there is me and the male friend left. Of course it would be way cheaper if we slept in a room together and would not have to rent a 4-bedroom house," she began.

"I've shared a bed with him before during a short vacation and he's a good friend, but this time I insisted on having my own room. I'm going to spend $1,600 on a two-week-long vacation," she continued.

The woman noted she is tired of always having to share a room with someone while vacationing with her friends all because she doesn't have a partner.

"I know he doesn't have any intentions to make a move on me, I just want to have some space for myself to relax and not have to worry about another person in my room (changing clothes, different sleeping schedules...) during my vacation. I even offered to pay extra for having a room for myself," she shared.

The only problem? He can't "afford paying extra" for his own room, so now she doesn't know what to do.

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Reddit users offered their advice in the comments section.

"There's nothing wrong with wanting privacy on your vacation. I'm not really comfortable sleeping in the same room with someone else, let alone the same bed. Even when it's a friend. If he can't afford to pay extra, maybe he'd be OK sleeping on a couch or a mattress in the living room? Or maybe he shouldn't go on vacation at all," one person wrote.

"I think this would be a really good solution: He pays less and you respectively more, and the whole group doesn't have to find a new house. The singles' tax is real," another chimed in.

"Yes, I have slept with male friends in short stays and it's cool. But even if it was a female friend, two weeks is a long time to be sharing a room with someone. Single tax," someone else commented.

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