A woman on Reddit is threatening to call off her upcoming wedding because her fiancé wants his ex to be in the wedding party.

"Prior to us dating, my fiancé dated his childhood best friend, Liz, for eight years. They were briefly engaged before calling it off. From what I was told, they decided to break it off because they were getting married for the wrong reasons. They were planning to get married because it was the 'next step' and since their families were best friends, he needed to marry her. After they broke off the engagement, they remained friends," the bride-to-be began.

Though the bride likes the groom's ex "as a person, and would consider her a friend," there are times when she feels like the third wheel "because of their inside jokes and shared childhood stories."

"I have always tried to be open minded about their friendships since he assured me that they are only friends. And I do trust both of them," she added.

However, the bride was shocked when her fiancé told her he expected Liz to be in the wedding party.

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"I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with having her be in the wedding party. I told him I am more than happy to have her attend the ceremony and reception. And that she can sit with his family and be in the family pictures," she shared.

"However, that wasn’t good enough for him. He said that it’s his wedding party and that it was his decision who’s going to be in it. That I have the right to choose my own wedding party. So he should be able to choose whoever he likes. I told him that’s not fair because I’m not having my high school sweetheart in my wedding party," the bride continued.

The couple argued, and the bride told him to choose: "Me or her."

"If she’s in the wedding party, then I won’t be standing at the altar," she concluded.

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Readers offered their advice to the bride in the comments section.

"The thing is, your fiancé is trying very, very hard to redefine his ex as his best friend. That's not the same thing, at all. What if you had slept with your own best friend? Would he want him around at all?" one person commented.

"Not just slept with… but has been involved with (romantically and also as friends) in some capacity his whole life! Having an ex-fiancée in a wedding party is unacceptable in any fashion, doesn’t matter how you try to spin it," another chimed in.

"This woman is his former fiancée. It is ludicrous for him to dig in the way he is. He's showing where his priorities lie, and it's not with you. What is also concerning is his attitude toward you, implying that you're being hysterical about not wanting the woman he dated for years and asked to marry him to stand up at your wedding. If I were you, I wouldn't be marrying a man who talks down to me about something that he is so blatantly wrong about. Your marriage will always be like this," someone else weighed in.

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