Nothing is going to scare this baby.

Meet Violet, a baby girl who has just found her new best friend that just so happens to be a demonic looking baby doll.

Zombie Doll Was Gift From Big Sister

In a video shared by TikTok user @brittikitty that has more than 32 million views, a mom takes her oldest daughter, Lilly out for an afternoon of shopping.

"Can we get this for baby Violet, please?" Lilly asks her mom.

The camera pans down to see the big sister holding a frightening Halloween decoration of a zombie baby.

"Of course," the mom replies.

Next, we see the scary doll being presented to Violet who is all smiles when meeting her new friend. She even sleeps with it at night.

The hilarious video has other parents sharing stories of odd things their children took on as their new best friends.

"My daughter's favorite toy is an old Halloween skeleton she calls 'guy," one commenter shared. "Over time he has lost his limbs so now guy is just a skull and torso."

Another commenter said the video sparked memories of their own childhood.

"When I was like 5, I had this rubber sewer rat from Halloween and I kept it and slept with it until I was 10 and then my mom hid it from me," he said.

Where To Buy The Zombie Doll

The decoration is known as the Mothy Max Zombie Baby sold by Spirit Halloween stores.

Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween

"Baby Max loves to snack on moths, but his favorite food is human flesh," the product description says on the Spirit website. "From a a distance, he might look like a bundle of joy. But when your trick-or-treaters get a closer look at this zombie baby, they'll be running and screaming bloody murder all the way home.

The zombie baby is currently being sold for $44.99 on Spirit's website.

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