There's "cold" and then there's "so cold it will make your noodles stand straight up."

Video of Frozen Noodles Goes Viral

While freezing temps here sweeping across parts of the U.S. and Canada this week, content creators in those areas were producing some of the best (and coldest) videos entering our feeds.

A family in Canada generated thousands of views and international attention thanks to a bowl of ramen and temps that dropped down to -40 degrees.

TikTok user laneyroux76 shared a video that showed a bowl of freshly cooked noodles sitting on her porch in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The area is about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Edmonton.

"The day started at -42C and we are rather bored so we made a frozen noodle art piece," she says in the post.

Using a fork, the noodles are stretched into the air where they were able to stay frozen after less than 15 minutes in the extreme temperatures.

The video has more than 35 million views thanks to the absurdity of the floating noodles and the rather wholesome presentation from the family.

"There's still some steam coming off here, but the noodles are frozen," we hear in the video before seeing a fork suspended from the rising ramen.


'The Frozen Noodle Lady'

As with any viral video on social media, commenters were quick to offer suggestions on how to get the noodles to freeze more quickly in future "experiments." The TikToker shared a follow-up video this week.

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"Hello friends, it's the frozen noodle lady up in Canada," she says at the start of the video.

This time out, the noodles didn't even need the full 15 minutes to freeze thanks to tips from commenters.

"These noodles won't be wasted and I hope everyone understands the point is just good, clean fun," she said.

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