If you've spent any time south of the Twin Cities and you've taken I-35W, chances are likely you've driven by a rocket perched on the side of the interstate. The rocket sits, almost as if it's waiting for its next mission, at Hot Sam's Antiques in Lakeville and it actually has a really cool back story to it.

The rocket was actually an advertising piece for the space-age drink Tang back in the 1960s. The rocket would be transported to a school or town, kids would get a small sample of the astronaut beverage Tang, and then they would climb up inside the rocket, strap in, and then be 'blasted' off into space.

The rocket had twelve seats inside of it, for twelve kids to venture into 'space' together. At the front of the rocket, there was a TV that would show images to the kids as they were bouncing along through the cosmos.

Of course, the rocket wouldn't ever leave the surface of Earth, rather the rocket was lifted up and moved as the video played with the kids inside.

What a great piece of nostalgia just lurking off the interstate, and thousands of people just drive by without giving that rocket a second thought.

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Now that you know the story behind the rocket, the next time you are in the area stop by and check out all the other fun stuff at Hot Sam's Antiques. You can find the rocket and Hot Sam's at 22820 Pillsbury Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044.

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