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Winona, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Winona Police Department and Winona firefighters came to the rescue yesterday after two people tried to rescue some stranded dogs.

According to Winona police, the two dogs went over the edge at the Garvin Heights lookout around 12:30 PM. The two people who had to be rescued by the emergency responders indicated they had gone over the edge in an attempt to rescue the dogs.

Winona Police Dept. photo
Winona Police Dept. photo

The dogs and the two people were pulled to safety by firefighters trained in rope rescues. A Facebook post about the incident indicates no one was seriously injured.

The day before, two adults and a child had to be rescued from Barn Bluff in Red Wing after they became stranded on a steep slope covered with snow, ice, and mud. Their rescue required the use of a helicopter to lift the three family members to safety.

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