Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) -  The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office is reporting that a woman has fallen victim to a scam that was nearly identical to one that was recently reported by the Rochester Police Department.

A news release says a deputy was dispatched yesterday afternoon to deal with a report of fraud. The victim indicated she had been scammed by a person claiming to be law enforcement.

The scammer told the woman she had two citations totaling $10,000 and that a warrant would be issued for her arrest if the fines were not paid. She was instructed to send them $2000 in bitcoin to settle the matter.

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Bitcoin Continues Year Long Slide Downward
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The Sheriff's Office says the victim sent the bitcoin to an account that was provided by the scammer and then realized that she had been the victim of a scam. The woman told deputies she attempted to contact the bitcoin pay service to have the transaction reversed but did not receive a reply.

photo by Andy Brownell
photo by Andy Brownell

The news release says the store and bitcoin server were the same as those used by the scammer in the case that was recently reported by the Police Department.

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