St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News)- The Minnesota Supreme Court is warning the public about recent reports of a jury duty scam. 

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A statement issued Thursday by the high court’s Chief Justice Lorie S. Gildea says the state's counties and district courts are hearing of the scams again. She warns that jury duty scams can take many forms. 

Counties and district courts are hearing, again, that scammers are preying on Minnesotans with fake jury duty phone calls,” said Chief Justice Gildea. "Jury duty is an important civic duty. I commend citizens who report for jury service, and urge Minnesotans to learn about and protect themselves from the potentially devastating consequences of these scams.

The statement indicates the most recent scam involves someone pretending to be from the court system or law enforcement calling Minnesotans and telling them they’ve been fined for missing jury duty. The caller will then tell their target they must pay the fine over the phone to avoid being arrested. 

The statement warns that scammers will spoof the number they’re calling from to make it appear the scam call is coming from an actual court or law enforcement agency. The statement reminds Minnesotans that the court system will contact them by mail in regards to jury duty and that the court system will never reach out to someone via email or phone and will never ask for personal or financial information. 

Minnesota State Supreme Court
Minnesota State Supreme Court

The high court asks anyone who receives the scam call to contact their local sheriff’s office. More information about jury duty in Minnesota can be found here

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