We're only a few weeks away from a HUGE Iowa festival!

A beloved annual Iowa tradition is getting some love from a national publication! Fun Midwest Spring Getaways and 8 Spectacular Spring Flower Festivals to Experience Around the Midwest, two recent articles from Midwest Living, have mentioned the iconic Pella Tulip Time Festival as a great place to visit this spring.

The Tulip Time Festival is an huge event put on by the Pella Historical Museum each spring that dates all the way back to 1935! According to the official website:

"Pella is beautiful and unique all year long, but at Tulip Time it comes alive with tulips, Dutch attire, food, fun, and more. Thousands of residents wear Dutch attire and celebrate our Dutch heritage. Three days each spring, Pella is bursting with color and excitement for Pella residents and visitors alike!"

Some of the highlights that Midwest Living mentions are the 300,000 colorful tulips, the 12-story Vermeer Windmill, the twice-daily Tulip Time Parade, the craft market, the traditional dancers, and the food! Guests can enjoy treats like poffertjes, Dutch letters, Pella bologna, stroopwafels, and more.

This year's Tulip Time Festival is set for May 4th through 6th and is free to attend. There is a full entertainment schedule and other 2023 festival activities on the Pella Historical Museums website HERE.

Iowa isn't the only Midwest state with a festival that revolves around beautiful flowers! The state of Michigan holds their own Tulip Time Festival each spring in the city of Holland, Missouri has the Charleston Dogwood-Azalea Festival, Indiana has the Orleans Dogwood Festival, and Oshkosh, Wisconsin hosts an annual Festival of Spring. You can read more about all of those festivals and more HERE.

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