Wisconsin loves cheese, but just how much?

I'm going to Wisconsin for a long weekend later this month and one thing I've learned from dating a Wisconsinite is that cheese pairs very well with fried apples or apple pie.

Wisconsin is obviously the dairy state, through and through. Cows get the right of way if they're crossing the road. Any cheese that comes from the state has to meet the state's legal definition of "highly pleasing". You can get cheese curds seemingly anywhere.

But there's one alleged law in Wisconsin that's just a bit too cheesy.

Apples, Cheese, and Law


According to law firm Nicolet Law, it's often cited that Wisconsin legally requires apple pie to be served with a slice of cheese.

While that's not a bad idea and does sound very Wisconsin, it's not a law.

But Wisconsin did come pretty close to it back in the 1930's. Research from the Wisconsin State Law Library shows a law (in effect from June 1935-March 1937) that required service of " a small amount of cheese and butter with meals in restaurants". That didn't specify apple pie, but it still wanted you to have cheese with whatever you ordered.

Vermont Almost Did It

In 1999, Vermont passed a law that made apple pie the state pie. A proposed bill with it required "a good faith effort" to serve with the pie:

  • "a glass of cold milk"
  • "a 1/2 ounce or larger slice of cheddar cheese"
  • or "a large scoop of vanilla ice cream"

The proposed bill ultimately failed but all of that sounds good.

But even still, a lot of Wisconsin eateries will get you a slice of apple pie with or without cheese. And who doesn't love a warm slice of apple pie?

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