When St. Patrick's Day lands on a Friday, adults aren't really thinking about work.  They are thinking about GREEN BEER!  There are a bunch of places around Southeast Minnesota offering a bunch of St. Patrick's Day fun but I decided to make sure the kids had some fun too.


Free St. Patrick's Day Fun for Minnesota  Kids...And They Might Even Get a Lucky Prize!

Kids have had a rough couple of years trying to navigate life during the pandemic.  I've got kids that did the whole distance learning thing for over a year and one of my kids got her meals out of a tent for about 5 months...in the middle of winter...in Wisconsin.  #TrueStory

I wanted to make sure that kids had something fun to do on St. Patrick's Day so I put a little something fun together:

We don't have any green beer for you today BUT if you've got kids, or you just like coloring, we have a few fun pages you can print. 🍀



✉️ Send us your coloring picture in the mail by March 31st and see if the luck is on your side.


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🍀 Don't forget to put your name, phone number, address, and e-mail somewhere on the coloring page!

Not sure how to get the coloring pictures?  Go to the Y-105FM Facebook page and click on the post with the pictures.  (You can also just click on the post above to get there.)

When you find the picture you want, right-click on it and save it.

Next, open up the picture and find on your device your print option.  I use a Mac and for me, it is on the top of my screen where it says "file".  Once I click on that I find the "print" option.

What is the prize?

I've been chatting with a leprechaun today and although they were really busy today, they have 10 prizes for kids.  The leprechaun is making a special trip back to Rochester, Minnesota in April to pick the 10 lucky winners.

RUN...Don't Walk because something HUGE is Happening!!!

ICYMI, every weekday from 3pm until 7pm, I've got such a fun playlist of songs to help you get through the workday but there is something else...

I know everyone can't listen to the radio all day long (some bosses are rude like that) BUT whenever you have a chance, you are going to want to flip over to Y-105FM.  Here's why...I heard from the big wigs that something HUGE is coming and it is going to make you very, VERY happy.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

So RUN, don't walk, and start listening to Y-105FM.  Here are a few easy ways:

  • add Y-105FM (105.3 or 104.9) to the presets on your car,
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