I feel like we are on a roller coaster of bad news at the moment.  Last week, we heard the unfortunate news that a popular salon, Rocco Altobelli, was closing in Rochester, Minnesota.  Now, a restaurant that many consider to be one of the best, is closing at the end of June also.


One of Rochester, Minnesota's Best Restaurants Closing at the End of June

If you've ever had the opportunity to experience the food at Chef Bojji, you know what excellence tastes like.  Sadly, you've only got a few more days to enjoy that in the location at 301 N. Broadway Ave because they just announced that the restaurant is closing.

Greetings friends and family!
We would like to thank the Rochester and surrounding community for their support and encouragement in keeping our dream alive for as long as possible. Unfortunately, as with many businesses through the pandemic, we are unable to keep this venture alive.
Chez Bojji will be closing by the end of June 2023 in its current location.
Chef will be moving on to a new adventure within the Rochester food scene working with a long-time friend on a new adventure in the old Half Barrel building. Keep your eyes open for the new restaurant.
Side Note: You will be seeing changes to our Facebook/Instagram platforms as we transition to the new "Foodie Paradise" food truck/catering endeavor.
Amber and Youness Bojji

- Chef Bojji Facebook Page

Townsquare Media Rochester/Preston

What is Going in the Old Half Barrel Restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota?

I know...quite a few people want the old Bilotti's to open back up in the spot where the Half Barrel is located.  THAT is not happening though.  A new restaurant called 507 (Pub)lic House is planning to open on July 5th in the spot on 1st Ave. in downtown Rochester.

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