Every now and then, I hear some Michael Jackson playing on a few of our stations at Townsquare Media in Rochester.  I wasn't expecting to hear the Michael vibe though in a video with some Rochester goats.


Minnesota Park Creates Hilarious Michael Jackson Video with Goats

I'm a music nerd and sit in a radio studio a good chunk of my day playing songs.  I know a few.  I've heard a few.  I wasn't expecting to hear Michael Jackson though in a video with goats.

A park in Rochester, Minnesota got creative and published a music video on their YouTube channel with the title "Just Eat It" featuring goats and some of the team at Quarry Hill Nature Center.

Did you know that Quarry Hill Park used to be agriculture land? For decades since Rochester Park & Recreation acquired the land, it has been a priority to restore native habitat.
Invasive species such as buckthorn and garlic mustard are particularly troublesome.
Enter the G.O.A.T.S. Goats are agile and love climbing, so they can graze areas that humans cannot easily reach, reducing resources and time fighting these invasive plants. - Quarry Hill Nature Center Facebook Page

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350 Trees Are Being Planted at Rochester Park in 2023

The goats did a great job getting the invasive buckthorn out but now, your help is needed to plant a few trees.  Ok, quite a few trees.  Quarry Hill Nature Center is looking for volunteers to join them as they plant 350 trees throughout 10 acres.

Save the date, wear some old clothes, and join them on May 20th, 2023.


If you've got questions, you can reach the team at Quarry Hill Nature Center at their website.

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