Walmart just announced that they are adding a new piece of technology to their stores.  In fact, they have already been testing this at one of their Texas stores and are getting ready to start rolling it out to 2,300 more.

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New Technology Being Added to 2,300 Walmart Stores Throughout The United States

It's been a bit since I've stepped inside a Walmart.  It's a long story why I haven't walked inside to shop, but to sum it up, my husband got sick and Walmart+ has been a lifesaver for our family.  I can order groceries from my phone, even while I'm sitting at a hospital, and my order is shopped for me and delivered to my house.  Being a caregiver, mom, and working full-time, I really have no idea how grocery shopping would have happened if it wasn't for this service.  And that is why I am a huge Walmart+ shopper but truthfully, I have no idea what the inside of a store looks like right now.  I haven't been in one for about 15 months.  It sounds like changes are happening though and the latest announcement is giving me Kohl's vibes.

Digital Shelf Labels Being Tested Right Now at Walmart Stores in Texas

I know we aren't in Texas but if we were, there is a store all set up for the future.  Store 266 in Grapevine, Texas has been testing out some awesome new tech that’s changing the game for how Walmart stores handle pricing changes.  The technology is making it faster and will be giving us, the customer, a better experience.

Digital shelf labels, also known as DSL's, are currently at the Grapevine, Texas store, and by 2026, they will be rolled out to a total of 2,300 stores.

Why Is Walmart Trying to Look Like Kohl's With Digital Shelf Labels?

Based on the feedback from Walmart store associates, the new digital shelf labels are helping in quite a few ways including:

  • Increased productivity and less walking: DSLs let associates update prices with just a few clicks. What used to take two days now takes only minutes, meaning the associates can spend more time helping customers and less time on repetitive tasks.
  • Simplified stock replenishment: The “Stock to Light” feature lets associates flash an LED light on the shelf tag using a mobile device, making it easier to find where to stock items.
  • Faster order picking and fulfillment: The “Pick to Light” feature directs associates to the products needed for online orders, speeding up the process and improving accuracy.

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How Many Products Are On The Shelves at Walmart Stores?

According to the announcement on the Walmart website, the stores have over 120,000 products and each product has its own price tag.

Will Any of the Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin Walmart Stores Be Getting the Updated Technology?

As of right now, the list of 2,300 stores where the new technology will be implemented has not been released to the public.  But, based on the number of Walmart stores that are in existence, simple math says that the states toward the North should see a few with this upgrade.

  • Walmart stores in the U.S.: 4,609
  • Walmart stores International: 5,399

If I hear an update on the locations, I'll post that over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  

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