Some woman that I know in my office needed a little help stopping the drool today.  I'm hearing this is a problem in more than just my office and others in Minnesota experienced it too.  And it is all because of one guy that is coming to visit the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Popular Comedian, Matt Rife, Coming to Minnesota!

If you don't hang out on TikTok or scroll through Reels, you may not know who Matt Rife is.  But, he is the reason why woman are drooling today throughout the state.  News broke that he is bringing his show to Minnesota.  But, he's not just making one stop.  Oh no.  He is visiting two different cities.

I’m so excited to announce the Tour of my dreams! All thanks to YOU the people, and a little help from a Genie that oddly looks like Ashton Kutcher? ‍♂️ SEE YOU SOON! - Comedian Matt Rife Facebook Page

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Comedian Matt Rife Going Live in Duluth AND Minneapolis, Minnesota

Because I work in the world of radio, I just watched about 30 minutes of YouTube videos of Matt Rife to see what all the hype was about.  OMG...he is funny.  This comedian is not only hilarious but he is so quick on his feet.  He is saying everything that you wish you thought of...but it doesn't come to your mind until about 4 hours later.  For him, it is right there on the tip of his tongue AND he says it in a really funny way.

Obviously, if you want to see him, you are going to need a ticket.  Since I have a website where I can include links, I have that for you below.  #You.Are.Welcome


Tickets to See Comedian Matt Rife in Duluth, Minnesota

Tickets to See Comedian Matt Rife in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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