I was sitting in the radio studio today when I saw a friend of mine, who lives in Nebraska, post the following scary words, "Be safe Omaha/CB/Glenwood area peeps!!!!!".  I immediately knew that something was wrong.

Today was the day to be a storm chaser.  Multiple videos of devastating tornadoes ripping through homes, pushing semis around, and building up to be impressive forces of nature, were all caught on camera.


Multiple Tornadoes Rip Apart Areas of Nebraska and Iowa on Friday, April 26th, 2024

Many lives were changed on Friday, April 26th, 2024 as multiple homes and businesses were wiped out from tornadoes that hit in the United States.  According to ABC News, 25 tornadoes were reported in the afternoon in Nebraska, Texas, and Kansas.  Since that report, many more videos have surfaced as the storm continued to push into Iowa and Missouri.


This is horrifying stuff to watch.

From the Omaha, NE Emergency Dispatch:

“Chief, we have 30-40 houses gone. We need mass casualty resources.”

As of now, there have been at LEAST 28 touchdowns across multiple states, with some of the most devastating being in Nebraska

These tornados could be among the largest we’ve seen in quite a long time.

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Semi-Trailer Flipped From Half-Mile-Wide Tornado in Nebraska

What seems like a scene from the movie 'Twister' was real-life moments today, including an extremely large tornado suspected to be a half-mile-wide.  A flipped semi on a road was the victim of this funnel.

JUST IN: Massive half-mile wide tornado reported in several counties in Nebraska, knocking over a semi-truck.

Western Omaha residents are being told to seek shelter now as the tornado is moving towards Elkhorn.

Multiple toronados have been reported in the Lincoln area with 60mph winds and "golf balls-sized hail." (Nebraska Public Media)

According to the Lincoln Journal, one of the tornadoes was "a half mile wide at one point."


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Close Call Caught On Camera With Another Semi in Nebraska

That wasn't the only semi that struggled in this massive storm.  A stormchaser by the name of Ben Ahrens on X, caught on camera the close call he had with a semi.  It ended his chase but thankfully, he is ok.  Watch the video he posted on X and you'll see that this could have been much worse.

The storm continued on and caused significant damage to a small town of about 600 called Minden, Iowa.

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