When you woke up this morning, you probably did what a good chunk of Americans do - slowly wake up, check your phone real quick, make coffee and eat some breakfast.  When it came to figuring out what to wear for the day, you probably had quite a few choices in your closet or drawers.  You probably even had a drawer full of socks and underwear to pick from too.

What if you didn't?


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A home that is a safe place for many women in Southeast Minnesota is in need of our help because those that are staying with them right now are in need of a few essential items ASAP.

We are in need of Women's sizes Small and Medium size underwear.  If you can donate, please give us a call: 507-285-1010 - Women's Shelter and Support Center, Rochester, MN Facebook Page


A Few Easy Ways To Donate Underwear and Other Essential Items to the Women's Shelter and Support Center in Rochester, Minnesota

No one should have to wonder if they will have a pair of clean underwear to wear or have basic essentials available each day, especially women who are fleeing unsafe conditions.

Below are a few links that will make it easy to purchase items that the Women's Shelter and Support Center in Rochester need:

Townsquare Media Rochester - Preston
Townsquare Media Rochester - Preston

Do you have an event coming up in Southeast Minnesota?

Every year, we help the community in a variety of ways from supporting local fundraisers, to running daily public service messages, to creating digital community campaigns and hosting events attended by thousands. Learn more about how Townsquare Media Cares here.

If you have an event coming up or work for a nonprofit in Southeast Minnesota, I'd love to learn more! Send me a note at jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com or on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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Top spots in Rochester with amazing customer service!

Not sure if this is a priority for you but the majority of people like to see a little bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T when they are buying things from a business. It could be ordering food at a restaurant, buying clothes at a store, or where you are filling up your gas tank for your car. Any place you spend money should have stellar customer service. If you've had a run of bad customer service lately, try going to one of these places in Rochester that were recommended by hundreds of people in town.

This list was put together last year, so, if individuals are mentioned at these places, they may no longer be there. But, at one point, they were considered THE BEST for customer service in our area.

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