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If you're looking to head to the biggest city in the U.S. later this winter, you'll have one less choice here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes because this airline is canceling its direct flight from Minnesota.

The only constant thing about the airline industry seems to be change, with new flights and routes being added and other flights so often it's sometimes tough to keep up with which airline is flying where.

For instance, last year, we heard that Frontier Airlines was dropping its direct route between Minnesota (at MSP-- the Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport) and Orlando starting this winter.

But, then we also heard last year that Delta Airlines, the largest airline serving the North Star State, was also adding several new flights and routes leaving from MSP which are set to begin service later this year.

And now comes word that JetBlue is apparently ending its direct flights from Minnesota to New York City. That's the early word from Minnesota's Kyle Potter, who's with the travel industry site, the Thrifty Traveller.

He posted a note on his Twitter page on Sunday that said the direct flight from MSP to New York's John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) is, in fact, missing from JetBlue's schedules as of March 1st, 2023. He noted that it's apparently just one of a handful of routes that  JetBlue is canceling. He also noted that if you're booked on that flight, you'll likely be rerouted through Boston and then on to the Big Apple.

That MSP-JFK route actually hasn't been around all that long. BringMeTheNews noted JetBlue, which began service to Minnesota back in 2017, first unveiled that direct MSP-JFK route in June of 2020. However, now, less than three years later, it appears to be going away again.

Now, there has been no official word or press release from JetBlue on that MSP-JFK cancellation just yet. But, it appears that if you're looking to fly to New York City this spring, you've got one less option here in the North Star State.

However, did you know are several direct flights that leave from right here in Rochester? And if our cold winter weather has you looking to head someplace warm next year, keep scrolling to check out the 50 Best Beach Towns in the US!

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