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If you got a check from the state of Minnesota, the clock is ticking on an expiration date that's just days away.

While there had been much talk last fall and earlier this year about spending Minnesota's then 18-billion dollar budget surplus on rebate checks of around $1,000 per resident, the amount agreed upon when state lawmakers passed the state budget last May was much less.

But, according to the bill, every eligible Minnesota taxpayer WAS entitled to a one-time rebate, which the Minnesota Department of Revenue (MDR) broke down like this:

The one-time rebate law provided payments of up to $1,300 for eligible taxpayers, including:

  • $520 for married couples filing a joint return with adjusted gross income of $150,000 or less 
  • $260 for all other individuals with adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less 
  • Another $260 for each dependent claimed on your return, up to three dependents ($780)

Your eligibility was based on your 2021 tax filing, and that money was issued to eligible Minnesotans in the form of a direct deposit in your checking account (if you filed electronically) or in a physical rebate check that was processed and mailed sometime between August 16th and September 27th.

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But here's the thing: If you received a physical check but haven't cashed it yet, you only have a few days remaining to do so. According to this CBS-Minnesota story, MDR says the checks are only valid for 60 days, with the expiration date for many of those checks approaching later this month.

And it's not a small number of checks, either. The story said around 150,000 paper checks sent in September are expected to hit the 60-day expiration point soon, which, while being a large number, is actually a small percentage of the 2.1 million total rebates the MDR sent out.

MDR says if you have your check but haven't cashed it yet, you should do so at your earliest convenience. But what happens if you accidentally threw your check out thinking it was junk mail or just lost it?

Either way, you don't have to worry. CBS Minnesota says MDR will send you another check: 

Reissued checks will go out in two batches, one in mid-November and the other in the first week of December. MDR says the reissues are not the last opportunity for eligible Minnesotans to receive the rebate and it will continue to provide outreach to taxpayers who have not yet claimed the payment.

You can read more on those one-time rebate payments on the Minnesota Department of Revenue website HERE. And while many Minnesotans did qualify for those one-time payments, the following residents did not. Because they're the Highest Paid Athletes in Minnesota in 2023. Keep scrolling to see who they are!

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