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When someone asks you what Minnesota is known for food-wise, what do you say? Hotdish? Lefse? Walleye? Supposedly, it's none of the above. At least according to a recent article by Business Insider.

The article is called, "The Most Famous Local Dish in Every State."

When you visit Tennessee, you go for the spicy Nashville Hot Chicken. In Maine, it's the lobster rolls. Alaska is known for their smoked salmon. In California, it's avocado toast! They nailed all of these states right on the head. I'm blown away by their pick for Minnesota.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm a super fan of Minnesota's "most famous dish," but I was definitely shocked to see it as the "food we are known for."

Think you know it? Let me give you another hint. It's probably the most popular item at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. You're guessing, cheese curds? Chocolate chip cookies? Funnel cake? Nope, nope, and nope.

Supposedly This is Minnesota's Most Popular Food:

A corn dog! Do you agree??

Organic CornDog on a stick with ketchup and mustard

Apparently I needed a little history lesson to understand why the corn dog was named Minnesota's most famous dish.

While some say corn dogs, then called "corny dogs," were introduced at the State Fair of Texas between 1938 and 1942, Pronto Pup vendors at the Minnesota State Fair claim to have invented the first breaded-and-fried hot dog in 1942. - Business Insider.

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

Whaaaat?? Who knew?

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