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Fast food restaurants seem to be everywhere these days, but do you know which restaurant is the favorite fast food place in Minnesota?

When I was back in high school, my first real job (outside of my delivering newspapers on my paper route-- is that even a THING anymore?) was working at McDonald's. And, I wasn't alone, this Yahoo News story says that 1 in 8 Americans (about 13.7%) have worked for, or are currently working at the Golden Arches.

So when I saw Stacker compiled the list of fast food restaurants with the most locations in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I thought sure McDonald's had to be first on the list. But, ope! As it turns out, I was off by quite a bit.

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So which fast food restaurant HAS the most locations and is the most popular here in the North Star State? Why, that would be Subway, which, according to Stacker, has a whopping 451 locations in operation here in Minnesota. 

Google Street View
Google Street View

Subway is far and away the fast food restaurant with the most locations in Minnesota. In fact, Caribou Coffee, the number-two restaurant on the list has 177 fewer restaurants in the Gopher State than Subway does, according to Stacker.

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Dairy Queen is listed third on the Stacker list, with a respectable 226 locations here in the Bold North. Finally, in fourth place, is McDonald's, with 218 locations in operation in Minnesota.

You can check out the entire list of the Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in Minnesota below. And, keep scrolling to check out a list of some of the classic McDonald's menu items that have been discontinued!

  1. Subway: 451 locations
  2. Caribou Coffee: 274 locations
  3. Dairy Queen: 226 locations
  4. McDonald's: 218 locations
  5. Dominos Pizza:140 locations
  6. Burger King: 111 locations
  7. Pizza Hut: 94 locations
  8. Starbucks: 92 locations
  9. Jimmy John's: 92 locations
  10. Taco Bell: 91 locations
  11. Papa Murphy's: 86 locations
  12. Arby's: 78 locations
  13. Chipotle Mexican Grill: 72 locations
  14. Taco John's: 59 locations
  15. Wendy's: 58 locations
  16. Culver's: 58 locations
  17. Noodles & Company: 47 locations
  18. Pizza Ranch: 38 locations
  19. Panera Bread: 38 locations
  20. KFC: 38 locations

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