A middle school girl was reportedly suspended for pictures she drew of Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie Xo, but it seems the story goes much deeper.

The teenage girl's mother took to social media to explain the full story, and then she turned the camera over to her daughter.

Bunnie Xo continues to support the family in significant ways.

On Thursday (March 14) Bunnie put T-shirts with a re-imagining of the original drawings on sale at her website. They sold out within an hour.

  • Delisa Patrick says her 14-year-old daughter Kalista was suspended after she chose to draw Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo. Scroll down to see her artwork.
  • The unnamed Rutherford County (Tenn.) middle school assignment was to draw people who influenced you.
  • In a new video, Patrick says the project was assigned in August.

Response to the spotlight Bunnie Xo has put on this story has been largely positive, but not without criticism or defense. No administrator or teacher has publicly responded, but the podcast host did share a note she says was from the school.

The redacted writer denied suspending anyone for drawing a celebrity and said they took posts on social media as a threat to the school.

attachment-Student suspended teacher response

In her video, Delisa Patrick says her daughter has been targeted by bullies repeatedly, and she and her daughter say that has led to broken ribs and a broken wrist.

Kalista Patrick says she chose Jelly Roll and his wife as objects of her art because of the obstacles they've overcome in life. She and her mother say the teacher objected to her choice, indicating that their past (including drug use, prison and sex work) disqualified them.

The girl drew these two photos anyway:

Pictures reportedly drawn by girls suspended in middle school
Facebook/Delisa Patrick

"I truly want to make a difference for this little girl & all the little girls/boys who were like me that weren’t allowed to talk about being bullied," Bunnie says in a separate post on social media.

"For me it started in my own home, being abused by my stepmother my entire life until I left home at 14. That in return made me an angry child that lashed out & bullied other people. It’s an extremely vicious cycle that gets repeated over & over," she continues.

"This past decade I have worked thru so much trauma & hurt from childhood & all I want to do is give back & stand up for these babies — and any person who gets bullied. In school, online, in person or at home."

She also labeled the school's response as full of lies.

"I never once said for anyone to threaten/call or bully that school. I simply named the school in the comments w (sic) the parent of the child’s permission. Again, do not call that school or make threats. Our intentions are to help this child feel heard & seen by turning her artwork into merch for the family."

There are 16 schools in Rutherford County. The largest city in the county is Murfreesboro.

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