Lizzo is truly an artist who care about her fellow man whether they are fans or not. She has been very generous since the pandemic started by providing lunches all over the country to medical workers on the front line of the Pandemic including a hospital in Minneapolis and most recently North Vista Hospital in Las Vegas.

On top of that Lizzo is an advocate for supporting Black Owned Businesses and a few weeks ago she reached out to the Afro Deli in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood in Minneapolis asking if she could give back to them with a donation. With her help they were able to prepare and pass out meals to 100's of homeless people who were grateful for the delicious meal.

According to their Facebook page the restaurant is " a fusion restaurant that weaves together business, community, and culture. We offer freshly made African, Mediterranean, and American cuisine!" They are located at 720 Washington Avenue S.E. in Minneapolis.

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This is not the first time the restaurant has stepped up helping out the community along with a group of partners they are proud to announce that they have cooked and donated 100,000 meals for COVID-19 relief since April 1st!

According to Lizzo has now become a Raw Vegan and is known to share some of her creations on Instagram and Tik Tok.  Lizzo explained to The Beet why she decided to incorporate this new lifestyle saying " being raw has a lot of internal benefits, and those are the ones that are important to me. It boosts your immune system, it gives your digestive system a break." I am pretty sure next time she is in Minneapolis the folks at Afro Deli will have something she can enjoy on their menu. Thank you Lizzo for always looking out and to Afro Deli for being such a huge asset tot he community!

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