Josh Denny may have been born in Philadelphia but we get to claim him a little bit because he started out as a comedian at Goonie's Comedy Club ten years ago. He made the comedy circuit in Minnesota and eventually moved to California where he's hit it big with his own show Ginormous Food on the Food Network. It wasn't all easy, he worked hard for it. Here's a what he had to say about this new awesome gig in a recent post on his comedy page.

Josh Denny Comedy/ Facebook
Josh Denny Comedy/ Facebook

I was able to score an awesome quick interview with Josh. Here's our Q&A:

DT: What made you decide to move to California? (Did you know anyone out there or was it a giant "leap of faith”?)

JD: I originally transferred out here with the company I was working for at the time, so it wasn’t the big leap of faith for me that it is for some people. I picked Los Angeles for its great entertainment scene, beaches, and awesome restaurants!

DT: What was your game plan when got to California? (Continue to do comedy or dabble in other things?)

JD: I worked in corporate America by day and did comedy by night.

DT: Holy crap, you're on a huge Food Network show now! How did you land this awesome gig?

JD: My comedy has always incorporated my love of food and eating to a various extent. When I started doing my podcast (March of the Pigs) 18 months ago, that primary focus on blending food and comedy was what put me on the radar. After a year of filming and tweaking the concept with various execs at Scripps, we ended up with what is now called “Ginormous Food!"

DT: What is a bit of wisdom you'd like to share with anyone pursuing their dreams?

JD: Don’t stop trying, don’t be afraid to fail, and make your own stuff. Don’t wait around for anyone to give you permission to have the career you want. Treat your “dreams” like a business. Make plans, follow through on them, and adapt along the way. Don’t be afraid to fail (you will fail much more than you succeed), and don’t ever feel like someone else’s right answers have to be yours.

DT: Who's YOUR inspiration or what's your favorite quote?

JD: Easy! “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky.

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Ginormous Food premieres this Friday, January 6 at 8/7c. Be sure to set your DVR to watch it if you won't be home!

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