Students of Maple Grove Senior High in Minnesota got an unpleasant surprise when they walked into school the day after the Presidential elections. Racist graffiti was written on the bathroom stalls in the boys' bathroom. A father of a son that attends the school posted a picture of the vandalism on Facebook and it went viral.The original post was removed the following morning but the vandalism is being investigated by the Maple Grove Police Department and a statement was released by the Principal.

I am horrified by this action, which goes against everything for which our school stands; it is completely contrary to our core values, both as a school and as a district. - Principal Becker

Here's what's really incredible. Students took matters into their own hands and responded to the hate... with love. Maddie Leyse, tweeted pictures and video of students and teachers coming together to write positive, uplifting messages that were posted in the school for all to see. They had a welcoming line and clapped in support while people walked into the school. The caption on the video: "LOVE is contagious".

Maddie Leyse/Twitter
Maddie Leyse/Twitter

I think Maple Grove Senior High just set the bar for how we all should act when hate crimes occur. Nice work, #Crimsonfamily.

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