The building company, KB Home, collaborated with Mayo Clinic on a new concept home that is designed to improve the homeowner’s health. The futuristic house is full of technology and is located close to the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale campus.

KBHome-Well-Living-Lab Program Santolina 2.24.21

It features an “intelligence ecosystem” which uses your smart devices to monitor your status and adjust accordingly. For example, if your smartwatch detected you were getting warm while you were sleeping - the house would automatically cool down. By controlling the environment, the house actually helps you improve your sleep and everyone knows that quality sleep is an essential part of living a healthy life.

I love the idea of having a dedicated chill room like the one you'll find inside this home. They call it the “MindBreak Room” (pictured above) and according to a press release it, "offers a personalized wellness space that uses immersive audio and visual content intended to increase energy, reduce stress, enhance mood, improve focus and boost performance.”

The property also includes microban technology on the door handles which prevents bacteria from growing, touchless faucets, and other products designed to keep you healthy. It's not clear how much these properties will cost but they are expected to be on the market in 2022. Keep scrolling to see some amazing properties that are currently for sale here in Rochester.

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