A Minnesota Senator re-introduced a bill that would allow people who are terminally-ill to end their own lives. Here are all the details... 

Six states currently implement the "End of Life Options Act” which would allow patients to make the decision themselves. Patients with incurable diseases and who will die within six months to get an “aid-in-dying” medication they can take themselves, according to WCCO. 

According to the bill, when the doctor is presented with the written request, the physician must make sure the patient is an adult with a terminal illness who is capable and has voluntarily requested the aid. The doctor must also inform the patient of their medical diagnosis, their prognosis and the potential risks associated with self-administering the medicine.

In a 2016 poll, 73% of Minnesotans supported the "medical aid in dying".

Colorado, Washington, California, Vermont and Oregon are the states that implement the "End of Life Options Act."

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