The state of Minnesota has been working to get more and more people to move to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I've lived here my whole life so I may be biased but I think Minnesota is an amazing place to be, who wouldn't want to be here!

Because Minnesota wants more people to move here they're advertising in other states. One billboard ad in Washington was recently spotted and it's pretty awesome but also a big oof for those who live in Washington.

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Minnesota Billboard Spotted in Washington State

I've never been to Washington, but it seems like a pretty cool state. My impression is also that they have a similar love for the outdoors that we tend to have in Minnesota. So it makes sense that Minnesota would want to try and get some people from Washington to come here.

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I found a photo of this billboard on the Minnesota Reddit page. The person who shared the picture said it was spotted in downtown Seattle. The billboard says...

As seen in western WA
byu/elements5030 inminnesota

Oof, that's rough if you're someone living in Washington and having that wake up call randomly during your day.

But it's true! I did some research and the cost of living in Washington is kind of insane.

Cost of Living in Washington State

I took a peek at some data from Rent Cafe that showed just how much more expensive Washington state is compared to the national average as of 2024.

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Andrii Yalanskyi

According to Rent Cafe, the cost of housing is 29% higher in Washington than the national average, utilities are 7% lower though.

But utilities is the only thing lower than the national average. The cost of food is 12% higher, healthcare is 20% higher, transportation is 27% higher, and goods and services is 13% higher.

Cost of Living in Minnesota

Let's compare that to what Rent Cafe says about the cost of living in Minnesota for 2024.

Minnesota welcomes you sign
AndreyKrav ThinkStock

They say that the cost of housing is 15% lower than the national average, utilities are 5% lower, food is 1% lower, transportation is 2% lower, and goods and services are the same as the national average.

The only thing that is higher than the national average in Minnesota is healthcare, which is 8% higher.

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