ST. JOSEPH (WJON News) -- Municipal liquor stores are pretty common in Minnesota, could there one day be municipal dispensaries?

During its meeting on Monday night, the St. Joseph city council is going to have a very early initial discussion on the topic.

According to city documents, the current state law regarding cannabis authorizes cities to operate municipal cannabis retail stores.

The League of Minnesota Cities says there is a working group of a few dozen cities that are exploring the idea, including communities like Osseo and Wayzata.  The working group is looking into the option due to the potential revenue and tax impacts a municipal dispensary may offer.  The League does not believe that there are any municipal dispensaries anywhere in the United States.

One consideration is the legal ramifications and impacts of a dispensary allowed under state law, but still illegal under federal law.

Monday's discussion by the St. Joseph City Council will just let staff know whether they should further explore the idea.

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In 2022 176 Minnesota cities operated 211 municipal liquor stores with a majority of them in greater Minnesota.


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