There's a Minnesota clothing company called Fable that allows kids to design their own clothing. Kari Jensen is the founder of Fable and she got the idea from one of her four kids. KARE 11 says that her 7-year-old decided to draw her own design in permanent marker on a plain white t-shirt one summer. She wore it around so proud of what she had done and Kari thought, why not allow other kids to do this too.

Fable was created three years after this incident with her 7-year-old (now 10 I would assume). How Fable works is kids can go to their website and submit their designs for a shirt. Then if the child's design is chosen to be printed on shirts, that will then be put up for sale, that child gets an art scholarship! How great is that! And it makes a ton of sense. Fable is meant to encourage kids to tap into their artistic talents, why not continue to nurture that with an art scholarship.

The shirts are organic cotton and the prints on the shirts are done with water-based ink that's from a company right here in Minnesota. They're also giving back to the community during this COVID-19 pandemic. They're selling a shirt right now called "In This Together" which is a very cute design but most importantly, as they say on their website:

With your purchase you will feed a family in need, help pay a utility bill, deliver groceries to someone that needs them, diapers for our littlest ones, and a smile to the face of a family because of you.

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