A Minneapolis man was assaulted the other day while sitting in his car. The weapon of choice, a Chipotle Burrito Bowl...

People are really taking this contactless delivery too far! Blake Ritland was the unfortunate recipient of the Burrito Bowl to the face when he was driving down Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis. Ritland's Tweet has been retweeted on the popular social media platform Twitter over 11,000 times.

It was a beautiful day, I’m driving down the street with the windows down, minding my own business. Next thing I know chipotle is all over.


Ritland has no doubt that the attack was unprovoked as he shared his thoughts, and laughs, with fellow twitter users about the experience.

In typical twitter fashion, people started responding to the original tweet with witty remarks and one included a well placed reference to the 2004 hit movie, "Anchorman".

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