Remind me to never sleep in a dumpster!

In all seriousness, how the heck does something like this even happen? According to WJON AM 1240 in St. Cloud, a man sleeping inside a dumpster in St. Cloud was emptied into a garbage truck last week. If that's not bad enough, he was also compacted... four times!

Fire officials say the sanitation workers found the man when they heard screams coming from inside the truck. The fire department was able to place a ladder inside the truck, where the man then climbed out under his own power. Thankfully, the man was not seriously injured.

This guy has one amazing guardian angel.

Every parent has heard the stories of child abductions. On Thursday night, fear was evident among parents as news spread over Facebook of a possible attempted abduction in Stewartville... you can read the original Facebook post and see the rest of the story here.

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