Minnesota is killing it these days! The state was just named one of the happiest in the entire country by a new WalletHub study. I mean, we are known for being nice so this isn't too surprising, right?

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The study was unveiled on Tuesday (September 12th) and not only is Minnesota near the top of the list, we cracked the top five! Yup, Minnesota is the fourth happiest state in the country this year. Wisconsin didn't fare as well, coming in at number nineteen.

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Why Is Minnesota Such A Happy State?

So what types of things did the study take into consideration? Things like depression rates, sports participation rates, average work hours, safety, volunteer rate and the like. Minnesota fared pretty well in many areas.

Minnesota had one of the highest adequate sleep rates, which means we are getting a good amount of sleep per night. (Some might argue this. Ha!) Minnesota also had a high volunteer rate. Otherwise, we didn't rank highly or poorly in any of the categories.

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Overall, we did rank high in a few other spots, coming in as the state with the third best work environment. We also ranked tenth for the best state in emotional and physical well-being. We were in the top fifteen for community and environment. That likely helped boost us to the top of the list, too!

The Happiest State In America Is....

This one might really throw you for a loop. The happiest state in America is Utah. The state ranked number one in terms of work environment and community and environment overall, which probably helped them take the top spot.

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Hawaii came in at number two, which is not surprising at all. Maryland and New Jersey round out the top five. Want to be happy? Avoid West Virginia, Tennessee and Louisiana, at least until this list comes out again next year. In the meantime, thanks WalletHub for the nice title.

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