Is Minnesota a fun state? Is it a fun place to live and/or visit? That's the question we're asking today! And thanks to the experts, we have an official ranking of all 50 states from most to least fun.

The experts were part of a study done by WalletHub. To find out which states are the most fun and which states are the least fun they looked at metrics from the number of national parks nearby to the nightlife that's offered.

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10 Least Fun States in the US

Let's check out the 10 LEAST fun states in the US first, according to this study.

41. Maine

42. Kentucky

43. Connecticut

44. New Hampshire

45. Vermont

46. Arkansas

47. Rhode Island

48. Delaware

49. West Virginia

50. Mississippi

Ok, so Minnesota isn't in the bottom 10, that's good!

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10 Most Fun States in the US

Now let's check out the MOST fun states and see if Minnesota ends up on this list.

10. Louisiana

9. Minnesota

8. Washington

7. Texas

6. Colorado

5. Illinois

4. New York

3. Nevada

2. Florida

1. California

Check that out! Minnesota is the 9th most fun state in the country!

They broke down a few of the metrics they looked at. The ones where Minnesota ranked the highest are...

Performing Arts Theaters per Capita - number 3 in the country behind New York and California

Variety of Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Establishments - number 4 behind Vermont, South Dakota, and Maine

State and Local Expenditures on Parks and Recreation per Capita - number 5 behind Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, and Nevada who all tied for first

Highest-Rated Free Things to do in Minnesota, According to TripAdvisor

Stacker compiled a list of the highest rated free things to do in Minnesota from Tripadvisor.

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