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National Cinema Day is September 3rd, 2022. On that day, you'll have the chance to go to the movies at an extremely discounted rate.

The ticket prices seem too good to be true so I'm not surprised by the number of posts I've seen on social media asking if this event is real. I can confirm it is 100% legit and several Minnesota theaters are participating. Learn more about the special day below.

How Much Are Movie Tickets?

According to statista.com, the average movie ticket in 2021 was $9.57. Throw in popcorn, a drink, and candy and the average movie-goer could easily drop $20 seeing a new movie.

On National Cinema Day, you can go to the movies for much cheaper.

Minnesota Theaters To Celebrate National Cinema Day With Super Cheap Tickets

Empty movie theater

The Odyssey Theater chain sent a press release to confirm their theaters will be participating and offering $3 movie-tickets.

"National Cinema Day celebrates a summer of record-breaking moviegoing with movies and a special sneak peek of upcoming titles from A24, Amazon Studios, Disney, Focus Features, Lionsgate, Neon, Paramount, Sony Pictures Classics, Sony, United Artists Releasing, Universal, and Warner Bros., only on September 3."

The Odyssey Theater in Rochester, better known as the Cinemagic Hollywood 12, is located at 2171 Superior Dr. NW.

Movie Theater
Matt Singer

CNN says "movie attendance hasn't bounced back after the pandemic, leaving Hollywood struggling to lure audiences back into theaters."

$3 tickets should help. Most of the major theater chains are participating in National Cinema Day. To find more theaters in Minnesota or your area click here.

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