In case you missed this, you should find it just as hilarious as I did.

If you're like me, you completely forgot that the NFL Pro Bowl was last night, because honestly, who the heck gets excited about the Pro Bowl anymore? Its like watching one person go in with a fist-bump while the other goes up for a high-five for a job well done... its just awkward to watch!

cooler... but that didn't stop the Vikings from tweeting out this hilarious picture of a giant heater on the sidelines to warm up the players:

Clear skies and 52 degrees sounds pretty amazing for a Sunday night in January, right? Well, apparently the good folks in the Sunshine State think low 50s is far too cold... Really?!

That's spring to summer-like weather for people in Minnesota! The temperatures around Rochester Sunday reached the upper 20s which still felt amazing. I just found this funny and wanted to share it with you because we're so much tougher when it comes to facing the elements up here.

Good one, Vikings. Good one.

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