Did you know about this? Because I sure as heck didn't!

Credit: North Broadway Dairy Queen
Credit: North Broadway Dairy Queen

What a fun fact to learn that the very first DQ in Minnesota landed in our own backyard.

It's for that reason that North Broadway Dairy Queen is celebrating it's 70th Birthday with everyone who's able to make it.

All the fun will be on Sunday, September 10, from 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Join in on all the fun with seventy cent (.70) cones, drawings, old pictures, memorabilia displays and a special guest.

What's also neat is friends and families are sharing all sorts of DQ memories on North Broadway Dairy Queen's Facebook page right now.

I'll always remember taking road trips to our nearest DQ with my parents in the summer time as a kid to get slushies and blizzards on the weekends. To me, there was no better treat than a DQ treat!

Hopefully you can find time to share the magic, and now the history with your kids this Sunday.

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