A small town in northern Minnesota was just named the friendliest town in the state, according to Only in Your State. This town also happens to be one of the best spots for a Minnesota vacation, in my opinion. We're talking about Grand Marais.

Grand Marais, if you haven't been, is a super pretty town. Obviously, it's right on Lake Superior so the views are awesome. But there are also plenty of fun events to check out and things to see, despite the town only having a population of a little over 1,300.

Samantha Gades via Unsplash
Samantha Gades via Unsplash

How did Grand Marais get picked as the friendliest town in the entire state when something Minnesota is known by is 'Minnesota Nice'? Only in Your State says with the views Grand Marais has it's hard to not be friendly. "Just about anywhere in town, you'll find friendly servers there to welcome you with a smile."

Speaking of great towns to visit, a few months ago we talked about the most charming town in Minnesota according to HGTV. No, it's not Grand Marais. But it's also not in southeast Minnesota.

Also, whenever you visit Grand Marais, I'd suggest continuing up along Lake Superior to Grand Portage. There's not a lot there but there's tons of history that you can learn about and it's incredibly interesting! I would highly recommend making the extra drive up there. The place my husband and I went to is called the Grand Portage National Monument Heritage Center.

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