Miranda Cosgrove still doesn't feel safe in her home almost a decade after a stalker set himself on fire and fatally shot himself in her backyard.

The iCarly star was not in at the time of the incident back in 2016 when a man who had been harassing her broke into her property, shot at a woman driving past thinking it was the actress and then took his own life, and Miranda still lives at the same house but she doesn't enjoy spending time along there.

She told Bustle: "I go back and forth to my parents’ house ... I just don’t feel super safe in that [my] house. For two years after it happened, I wouldn’t really stay there.

"Then I got into a relationship and because that person was there with me, I was less scared. But I don’t really like being there on my own that much."

Miranda has been looking into moving house to find a place where she feels "really safe" but she has yet to find the perfect property.

She also revealed she eventually met the woman who was shot at by the intruder at a charity event and they bonded over the terrifying experience.

Miranda explained: "This girl came up to me, and she was like, ‘I didn’t know if I should tell you this here or how to say this, but I’m actually the girl that was at your house that got shot at.' She seemed like she processes things in a similar way that I do."

She added of the horrifying incident: "I didn’t think about it very much."

The actress previously admitted she still struggles to understand what happened because there were so many unanswered questions.

During an appearance on Whitney Cummings’ Good For You podcast in 2020, she explained: "It was the weirdest thing ever because they had caution tape up. It was right in my front yard.

"Basically, I guess a guy came and he was burying things in my backyard for three days. He buried a lunchbox with a milk chocolate inside of it in my backyard, and then he buried knives and a rope and a bunch of random stuff ...

"And then somebody drove up that had a similar car that kind of looks like my car and I guess he got confused and he thought that maybe it was me driving up. He shot at this person six times and he missed because she was in a car. She drove away ...

"It was really bizarre. I have a fantasy of diving into the story and figuring out exactly why it all happened just because I think it’d be interesting to know who the person was, why they were there, and exactly what was going on ...

"I don’t know if that’d make it worse or if that’d make it better, but it just seems like it’d be interesting to have more answers."

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