On Monday at 11:45 AM a toddler fell out of a moving car while still strapped into her car seat in Mankato. Dash cam footage from a car that witnessed the frightening incident has been circling the internet. You can see the video below.

The child was, amazingly, uninjured after the incident. Apparently, the mother, Maimuna Hasson, and her children had just pulled out of the Hy-Vee parking lot when the toddler fell out of the car, still strapped into her car seat.

Officials have since discovered that the car seat was not properly secured in the car and the child's chest straps were undone. The left-hand side door was unlocked and according to the criminal complaint, there was no seat restraint system in place according to law enforcement. A car seat on the other side of the car was properly secured, however.

The mother was arrested and is being charged with one count of child endangerment, a gross misdemeanor, one count of a license violation (she only had an instructional driving permit), and one count of not fastening a child's restraint.




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