No longer will you need to rush to the bathroom or out to your car to feed your baby! Target is testing nursing stations in its stores. Here are the details... 

Interestingly enough, according to Scary Mommy, Target started testing these breastfeeding lounges in Minnesota. The exact location is unclear, but I don't recall seeing them in Rochester... yet!

While it sounds like Target doesn't have immediate plans to add these nooks to every store, they are looking for feedback to determine if they should. People are sharing pictures via social media of the nursing stations in Texas and Mississippi, among other states. And so far, moms are raving about them!

What are they exactly? Scary Mommy says, "the station has two comfortable chairs, a little table, and a box of free breast pads women can partake in, It also has a Boppy and a breastfeeding cover if a mom wants it. And the best part? It’s in plain view, not a hidden, private room."

via Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook Page
via Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook Page

I guess it's just a matter of time before we see one here. Moms, what do you think? If they had one of these at one of our Target stores, would you use it?

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