Retail theft has, unfortunately, always been an issue but it seems that the issue continues to get worse. This is especially true for big retailers like Walmart. It also happens in all kinds of communities and in every state, including Wisconsin.

Young male thief putting fruit into inside pocket in food store
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The National Retail Federation says that "retail loss is a nearly $100 billion problem, and there’s evidence the problem is growing." More and more people are stealing from retailers causing precautions to be taken.

Alan J Hendry, Unsplash
Alan J Hendry, Unsplash

How Retailers are Combatting Retail Theft

There are stores in some locations that even lock things like laundry detergent to the shelves so they don't get stolen. It's sad that that's something that has to be done now. And also annoying when you just want to buy some Tide and you have to wait for an employee to come unlock it for you.

Stores have also been installing cameras that not only look at your face while you're using the self-checkout but also a camera above you to watch you scanning. That way if you pretend to scan something when you're really just trying to sneak it into your bag the camera will catch you.

Walmart has these cameras set up and they also have someone at a post by the self-checkout watching to make sure no one tries to steal something. They're really trying to crack down on retail theft and yet it's still pretty bad.

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Below we have the most commonly stolen items, thanks to Business Insider. Sadly, the most commonly stolen items at Walmart are things that many of us take for granted. They aren't high-ticket items that they'll go sell on eBay, it's basic necessities.

The 11 Most Stolen Items From Walmart Stores

These are the items Walmart identifies as the most frequently stolen in their stores.

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