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We are less than two weeks away from Labor Day which means a lot of families in the area are trying to maximize the little time they have left before their kids return to school. If spending a day having fun, splashing around at a pool, is on your to-do list you’ll need to hurry because only a couple of public pools in our area are still open.

In many cases, public pools are staffed by teenagers who are still in school, so a lot of the area aquatic centers will close a week or two before Labor Day to give those teens time to get ready to return to the classroom.

Below is a list of area public pools, most are already closed, but there are a couple that will remain open for a few more days.

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Stewartville Public Pool:  On Facebook, they say "Our goal is to stay open until Labor Day, however that is dependent on the availability of our staff." Call ahead if you are planning on visiting.

Pine Island Public Pool: CLOSING ON AUGUST 27

City of Stewartville

River Springs Water Park in Owatonna: CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Rochester Silver Lake Pool: CLOSED FOR THE SEASON


Rochester's Soldiers Field Pool (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

Albert Lea Public Pool: CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Rochester’s Soldiers Field Pool: CLOSING AUGUST 29TH

St Charles Pool: CLOSED

Valleyfair's Soak City Waterpark: Open through Labor Day weekend.

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