If we don't trust someone, they aren't usually people we want to keep in our lives. The same goes for companies. We aren't going to want to do business with a place that we don't trust.

I found a survey by Clarify Capital that looked at the most and least trusted industries and then the most trusted and least trusted businesses in each across the country. It was really interesting to look at!

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A place that we definitely want to trust if we're going to do business with them is a restaurant. They're handling the food we're about to put into our body, we kind of want to trust them.

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Thankfully, the three restaurants that ended up getting the top spots of the most trusted in the country have tons of locations across Minnesota. We'll get to those in a second.

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What Makes a Business 'Trustworthy'?

In this survey, people were asked 'What makes a business trustworthy?' and there were lots of different answers. However, the top 5 most common responses were:

Consistent Performance

Builds Relationships with Customers

Pricing Transparency

Asks for Honest Reviews and Feedback

and the most common response was... Delivers on Promises

Before we move on to the most trusted restaurants in the country, let's take a peek at which restaurants are the LEAST trustworthy.

Least Trustworthy Restaurants in Minnesota

Minnesota has locations of all three of the least trustworthy restaurants. The third least trustworthy according to this survey surprised me a bit because I really enjoy going here and I don't have any issues. That restaurant would be Panera.

Panera Bread To Layoff 17 Percent Of Executives
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And tying as the least trustworthy restaurants are... Chipotle and Sonic.

Bruce Bennett, Getty Images / Google Maps
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images / Google Maps

What do you think, do you agree with this survey?

And finally, let's take a look at the MOST trustworthy restaurants in the country which, thankfully, we have a lot of locations in Minnesota.

Most Trustworthy Restaurants in Minnesota

Coming in as the third most trustworthy restaurant in the US and Minnesota we've got McDonald's!

McDonald's Second Quarter Sales Up 57 Percent From Previous Year
Brandon Bell, Getty Images

Second place goes to KFC!

Google Maps
Google Maps

And the most trustworthy restaurant according to this survey is... Pizza Hut!

California Fast Food Restaurants Look To Cut Costs As Minimum Wage Is Set To Rise
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

I have nothing against Pizza Hut but I was definitely surprised to see them in the top spot. I guess I just haven't heard anything from them in a while so they weren't top of mind to me. But congrats to them!

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