Yesterday was Mother's Day and there were lots of celebratory activities but the reality as parents is that no one really gets a break. Whether your the dad that took the kids out for the day to give mom a reprieve or the mom that did extra activities with the kids. Or maybe your entire extended family got together and it was utter chaos. Either way by bedtime many of us were back at it preparing for the responsibilities of the week. Here's some great ideas on finding your namaste as Monday kicks off for a fresh start of the new week:


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    Meditate with Dr. Amit Sood

    Center yourself and focus your attention on gratitude.

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    Give yourself some self-love

    A book about loving yourself through life's cyclical ups and downs.

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    Attend a Yoga Retreat

    From the event notice: Dive in deep to the inner exploration of Desire Mapping -- a self-reflective process developed by Danielle LaPorte that helps you identify what isn't working in your life, how to name what you want, and how to claim what you want to FEEL in your everyday life.

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    Be inspired at TEDxZumbroRiver

    This year’s theme is “Possibility”. All topics are presented in a thought-provoking, original way, and intended to spark ideas and engagement. Be prepared to be inspired!

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    Win some free cash

    Stressed about money? We're giving away cash again with the 2K A Day Giveaway! All you have to do is listen to 106.9 KROC for a code word twice a day every weekday (excluding Memorial Day) between May 15 and June 2, 2017 for a chance to win $1,000 each time. Dunken and Samm will give you the code word at 8:30 each morning and Scotty will have one for you each afternoon at 2:30. When you hear the code word enter it on the contest page on and you’ll have the chance to win $1,000.

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