If you know a lot about kids’ movies and television, this job's for you!

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Netflix is looking to hire binge-watchers who have a passion for children's television and movies.

The company is filling Kids Content Tagger positions which allow employees to work remotely.  This is a part-time, one-year, position in which you will work about 15 hours a week.

The listing on Netflix's Website states ideal candidates have in-depth knowledge of kids’ movies and television content. That content covers entertainment for children from birth to age 12.

People who are hired will "tag" children's content, categorizing it based on ages and themes, look to make sure that when tags are added/removed that they have been applied appropriately, and contribute to children's innovation projects.

Sounds easy enough right?

Hey, there's tougher part-time jobs out there... none of which pay you to watch TV, so there's that.