Where do we sign?!

Is there anything more cringe worthy than hearing your phone ding at you on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Or how about the second you pull into the driveway after a long day at the office? "Oh no, what now?" is usually my first thought, followed by that sinking feeling you forgot to do something. Well imagine never having that pit in your stomach feeling ever again, because right now there’s a bill on the table at the New York City legislature that would give employees the “right to disconnect” from their employers.

According to the New York Post, the bill proposes that any employer who punishes their employee for not responding to calls, emails, texts or instant messages after regular working hours would suffer a fine of $250.

Council members believe the bill would have a positive effect both on the employee and workplace culture as a whole.

I know a lot of people can't afford to "unplug" from their jobs, and are forced to constantly check their emails. But I think passing this bill would certainly alleviate a ton of stress and offer some reprieve from their every day lives.

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