Put your pitchforks down. I didn't conduct this study and I don't agree with the results. I know a lot of beautiful people from Minnesota including the smoke show I married, who's not just beautiful but smart and  funny.

However, a new study says Minnesotans are U-G-L-Y!  Continue reading to discover what it has to say about the attractiveness of men and women that call the North Star State home.

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Which State Has The Most Beautiful People?

Bonus Finder scored each state in the country to determine which produces the prettiest people. Check out the top-ten states and see where Minnesota ranked below.

My guess would have been Hawaii or California, but Illinois actually took the top spot. Apparently, the Land of Lincoln is crawling with hotties.

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Which State Has The Most Beautiful People?

Bonus Finder looked at various factors, such as the number of beauty pageant winners, models, Victoria's Secret Angels, and Sexiest Man Alive winners, to determine where the most attractive people hail from.

Illinois earned the high score of 76.1 out of 100. This is because Illinois has produced four Miss USA winners, three Victoria's Secret Angels, and two Sexiest Men Alive.

The 10 States With The Most Beautiful People

1. Illinois

2. California

3. Texas

4. Nebraska

5. New York

6. Hawaii

7. Oklahoma

8. Vermont

9. Florida

10. North Carolina

Minnesota Women Are Among The Least Attractive In The US???


Based on Bonus Finder's scoring system, Minnesota ranked 43rd in the country. Ouch!

A few years ago, the dating app Clover published a similar study of the most-attractive and least-attractive cities and states in the country. However, Clover's results were based on a "proprietary scoring system" they developed that is "able to accurately assess a person's level of attractiveness."

The dating app said the best looking men came from Montana and the most attractive women came from Connecticut.

How Do Minnesotans Rank?

A Lumberjack

The study delivered mixed results for Minnesota, with Minneapolis ranking as the #5 city for most attractive men. However, the state of Minnesota found itself at #7 on the list of states with the least attractive women.

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