I would consider myself an armature yogi. I used to practice every day but I've slowly gotten out of habit and right now I'm in the process of getting back into it!

People do yoga for all different kinds of reasons. My reasons are probably pretty similar to others: I do it as a form of exercise but also to help with anxiety. Yoga forces me to slow down and focus on myself. I also noticed throughout my practice that yoga is very welcoming and all about doing what's comfortable for you.

So it's pretty fitting that a study done by the University of Minnesota shows that yoga is actually linked to improved body satisfaction.

Like I said, I think this makes a ton of sense. The yoga classes that I do are on YouTube and the channel is called Yoga with Adriene if you wanted to check it out! She's all about modifying moves to fit what's most comfortable for you, accepting where you are that day at that specific time, and knowing that it's all good and to just focus on yourself.

If you've never done yoga, I would highly recommend it! If you don't want to go to an actual class and want to do it alone at home definitely go on YouTube. You can find all kinds of classes there including short ones if you don't have much time!


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