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Yep, our pumpkins are still sitting out on our deck too. And they're starting to look a little sad and mushy. But what should we be doing with these pumpkins? Don't just toss them out! Curt St. John shared with us the best ways to get rid of your pumpkin in Minnesota.

There are some great ideas on his list including putting the pumpkin in your compost bin (after removing the seeds so you don't accidentally grow a pumpkin). But what if you're like me and don't have a compost bin? My husband and I really want a compost bin but we live in an apartment with a tiny deck so there really isn't a spot for that sort of thing. Great news, there's a place you can drop off your pumpkin to be composted in Rochester!

Olmsted County Environmental Resources shared on their Facebook page a few days ago that you can drop off your pumpkins from Halloween at the Olmsted County Compost Site. You're able to drop off your pumpkins "any day of the week during daylight hours." So that's the place to take your sad-looking pumpkins to be composted. MUCH better than tossing them in the trash!

Or maybe your mushy pumpkin is inspiring you to start your own backyard compost bin or compost area. On the Olmsted County Environmental Resources Facebook post, they linked to information from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on how to create your own backyard composting. You can find that information HERE.

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